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OFFIT is designed to help overcome the physical and mental health implications of inactivity in sedentary working environments. We believe this is the most comprehensive tool to assist people who wish to improve their health and increase their productivity at work.

Features of OFFIT:

  • Select the areas of the body of which you would like exercises to be prioritised.
  • Select your work hours.
  • Select the exercise equipment that you have available.
  • Select the frequency of notifications throughout the day.
  • Prioritise your exercises by liking videos that you enjoy.
  • Skip exercises if they are not suitable for your environment.
  • A Step-By-Step guide is provided to guide you through exercises.
  • Find out why a specific exercise is beneficial a by selecting the why? tab under the video.
  • The more exercises you complete, the more chance you have of earning in-app rewards.